Training Practice

We have been a training practice for 10 years and are situated in close proximity to both St. Helier and St. George’s Hospitals.

The GP registrar is fully integrated as part of the Cricket Green team. The GP registrar enters into an educational agreement with the trainer, which is fully supported by all practice members. Registrars attached to the practice have the benefit of their own room and working in a protected environment.

There is availability to a wide range of learning opportunities within the practice, at local hospitals and on the excellent St. George’s half day release course.

The practice has an excellent track record of summative assessment and MRCGP passes and all registrars are expected to take the MRCGP and are fully supported throughout the process by the trainer who is an MRCGP trainer.

Study leave is also fully supported and the practice subscribes to the local trainers group arrangements for out of hours duties, which are phased in gradually and are not onerous.

The Trainers

Nav Chana is a trainer and is currently an Associate Dean for post GP education, having been the course organiser at St. George’s for seven years. He is also an examiner for the MRCGP and teaches on various courses both locally and nationally.

Andrew Otley is also a trainer who has facilitated MRCGP courses locally.

Medical Students

We participate in the training of senior medical students in general practice. They have wide experience of hospital work before their attachment with us. You will be informed when there is a medical student sitting with one of the doctors and we will be grateful if you would accept them as part of the medical establishment. If you have any objections to this, please tell the doctor before your consultation begins.