Visit our prescriptions room where you will be able to find your nearest pharmacies, request or review your medication and register for electronic prescribing.

We can send your prescriptions to a number of local pharmacies or you may collect your prescription from the surgery. Please let one of our receptionists know how you would like your repeat prescriptions to me managed.

Please allow 3 working days notice, from informing us of your need for a repeat or one-off prescription. According to the type of medication you are taking we may be able to offer you repeat prescriptions for one month or two months. Please ask one of our receptionists if you would like to have repeat prescriptions switched to two monthly.

  • Please do not leave your request until you have run out of tablets.
  • Please do not telephone for repeat prescriptions as this causes confusion and mistakes can happen.
  • Please do not use the practice enquiries email address for prescription requests

Some local chemists can deliver medications to your home but this service is restricted only to the very ill or housebound.

For patients taking warfarin, who attend anti coagulation clinics elsewhere, we will need to see a photo-copy of your recent INR results and dosing schedule before we can issue you a repeat prescription for warfarin. This process has been put in place for safety reasons.

Dispensing Medication

We can offer a dispensing service. You may collect your medication from the surgery instead of taking your prescription to the chemist. Please give us three working days notice if you need a prescription dispensed. As per national and local guidelines, your repeat prescriptions will usually be enough to last 28 days.