PPG Surveys

A great big thank you to all of the people who completed the CGMP/Patient Participation Group survey during December 2014.

The survey was devised to obtain patient feedback on the GP call-back appointment system which was introduced to CGMP during June 2014. This feedback would then help us to make changes/improve the GP call-back system if required. It would also provide us with information on how you, the patient, was feeling about the new appointment system.

As a practice we had realised for a while that meeting demand for clinical appointments was a problem, which is also a very common problem to all GP practices in the UK.

In recent years a system based on telephone consulting, as the first method of contact, has been successfully developed. In essence the system works by patients phoning reception requesting an appointment. They are then given a call back by a GP, usually within 30-120 minutes. The patient and the GP discuss the medical problem and if it can be dealt with on the phone it is done there and then. If the problem cannot be dealt with over the phone or it is not urgent then an appointment with the most appropriate clinician is made, which may not necessarily be on the same day. This new appointment system has been shown to improve continuity, access and care. It meant that care is available to all, not just those who best know how to negotiate the appointment system. It also means there are always appointments available on any given day. This was the basis of the new GP call-back appointment system.

The survey revealed very positive feedback about the GP call-back appointment system. We have revisited the appointment system and made modifications to improve the system based on your feedback.