Non-NHS Work

Certain services such as private sick notes, insurance claim forms and some medical examinations are not covered by the NHS and are offered at our current private rates. Details of these charges are displayed in reception. We also have a patient request form for these that needs to be completed and signed before we issue any of the above to patients.

Visitors who need medical attention are welcome. UK residents who are already registered with the NHS card will be seen as NHS Temporary Residents. Otherwise, you will need to fulfil the following conditions in order to receive medical treatment:

  • If you have form E128 there is no charge
  • If you have form E111 there is no charge
  • If you have form E112 there is no charge for the conditions stated on the form and no charge for treatment of urgent problems or emergencies.

Overseas visitors not entitled to NHS treatment are charged at the current private patient rate. Please ask our receptionists for more information.

Non NHS Examinations

Some services are not covered by the NHS e.g. vaccines, private insurance, BUPA & PPP forms, private letters, private certificates, employment medicals, to whom it may concern letters, etc. Further information from your doctor, displays in the reception area or the reception staff. We require that a patient request form be completed and signed for any of the abo